Acquisition of The New Patent “Technology for Efficient Activation of NKT Calls”

January 15, 2019

AMBICION Co., Ltd announced that RIKEN and AMBICION acquired the new patent “Technology for Efficient Activation of NKT Calls” in Japan.
This patent acquisition enforces the exclusivity of its business regarding the Natural Killer T (NKT) cell-targeted cancer therapy.

Patent No 447947
Date of Patent 14 December, 2018
Title of Invention Technology for Efficient Activation of NKT Calls
Patentees RIKEN
Inventors Masaru Taniguchi(RIKEN)
Tomokuni Shigeura(RIKEN)
Minako Aizawa(RIKEN)
Keigo Hanada(AMBICION)

Natural Killer T (NKT) cell

Natural Killer T (NKT) cells are unique T cells that combine the properties of NK cells. NKT cells were first discovered in 1986 by Dr. Masaru Taniguchi (currently Senior adviser, Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, RIKEN) et al., and are known as the fourth lymphocyte following T, B cells, and NK cells. NKT cells account for around half of the T cells found in liver and bone marrow. NKT cells are activated promptly when glycolipid antigens are recognized. Multi-type cytokines are produced upon this activation, inducing both immune-stimulation and -suppression.

NKT cell-targeted anti-cancer therapy

NKT cell-targeted anti-cancer therapy aims to activate patient’s own NKT cells. First, patient’s mononuclear cells are collected by apheresis. Then targeted cells are isolated and cultivated with NKT cells activated ligands at Cell Processing Center. This cell product is administered to the patient.