Company ProfileMessage from the CEO

AMBICION is the Spanish word for “ambition”. While Professor William S. Clark’s words to Japanese students, “Boys, be ambitious!” is a famous part of history, the company’s name carries with it the ambition of all employees in spreading Natural Killer T (NKT) cell-targeted cancer immunotherapy throughout the world and changing the future of cancer treatment for the benefit of patients suffering from cancer.

AMBICION was formed from a gathering of like-minded peers who support the ideas of Professor Masaru Taniguchi (currently Senior Visiting Scientist, RIKEN Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub ), who has worked on the development of the revolutionary new cancer immunotherapy targeting NKT cells since their discovery in 1986, and spurred on by an AMBICION to apply these new therapies for the benefit of cancer patients.

We are now at a period where one in every two Japanese citizens will contract some form of cancer at some point in their lives. While cancer patients are typically treated through surgery, chemotherapy (anti-cancer agents), and radiotherapy, many live with the risk that their cancer may spread or recur. The NKT cell-targeted cancer immunotherapy we provide is based on a new mechanism of action completely different from that of conventional cancer therapies. NKT cell-targeted cancer immunotherapy works by strongly activating immune system and inducing long-term immunological memory against cancer. This helps prevent the spread and recurrence of cancers, extending lifespan of the patient. We at AMBICION hope to continue serving society by providing NKT cell-targeted cancer therapy as a dependable standard throughout the world.

Kenji Suzuki, CEO